A high quality, large-scale range of narrow gauge engines suitable for the larger garden railway or club track, 
from5 inch to 10 1/4 inch  gauge

Available ready-to-run and now as fully-machined kits for home assembly.

Designed and built in the UK

(and mainly Lincolnshire at that - click here for more pictures of some of the engines we've built)

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Current price list for all our engines

Operating manual

Stafford kit build manual

Feldbahn kit build supplement

What we build

Designed and built in the workshop here, we originally conceived "Stafford" as a robustly-engineered, easy to drive locomotive - something equally at home on a garden railway or public running at the local club. Over the last three years the design has proved a powerful, reliable performer on private, club and commerical railways throughout the UK and overseas and has now expanded to a range of engines from 5 inch to 10 1/4 inch gauge, with a choice of styles and wheel arrangements.

Having worked on some hundreds of locomotives over the years, a lot of the design choices fell into place easily: 

The engine has been designed in SolidWorks, allowing us to test assemble and simulate the motion of all parts before transferring them to our CNC machines to cut metal. The valve gear was calculated from first principles before extensive simulation to check accuracy and symmetry of valve events at all cutoffs.

Frequently asked questions

Having talked to a lot of people during the development and testing of "Stafford" over past few years, both at shows and in the workshop, some questions come up again and again:

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